Provisional Program


(1) Convection and Stability (M. Miglietta)
(2) Overshooting and deep convection (L. Labrador)
(3) Orographic Convection, Medicanes and supercells (M. Miglietta)
(4) Convection and atmospheric transport (L. Labrador)
(5) Convection detection and monitoring from ground based instruments (G. Guerova)
(6) The use of GNSS Radio Occultations for sounding the atmosphere and extreme atmospheric events (R. Biondi)
(7) Practical Experiences and Examples of deep convection (M. Miglietta)
(8) The use of ground based and satellite GNSS measurements – practice (R. Biondi and G. Guerova)
(9) GNSS tomography and its impact on nowcasting (H. Brenot)
(10) TBD
(11) Provision of early warnings on severe convection for aviation – current practices and future challenges (D. Visoiu)
(12) Convective weather decision support tools for ATM (T. Bolic)
(13) TBD
(14) TBD
(15) Hazardous volcanic clouds: challenges, techniques and future (F. Prata)
(16) Light and ash (F. Marzano)
(17) Volcanic clouds from and hyper-spectral satellite instruments (F. Prata)
(18) Volcanic cloud detection and monitoring from ground based radars (F. Marzano)
(19) Volcanic clouds transport and inverse modeling (N. Kristiansen)
(20) Volcanic plumes modeling (M. Woodhouse)
(21) Volcanic clouds modeling Lab (M. Woodhouse and N. Kristiansen)
(22) Volcanic degassing and ash emission (S. Scollo)
(23) Retrieval theory and applications with satellite spectrometers (E. Carboni)
(24) Satellite volcanic clouds Lab (S. Corradini and E. Carboni)
(25) TBD
(26) Volcanic degassing and ash emission (G. Salerno)